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Album release august 21, 2020


Assaff weisman, piano


l'orchèstre métropolitain de montréal

under the direction of

vincent de kort

symphony no. 1

'remember to forget'



Symphony no. 2

'children's war diaries'

Album release november 6, 2020


ensemble caprice

matthias maute


l'orchèstre métropolitain de montréal

vincent de kort

 Other credits include soundtracks for

  • “Tired of Living, Feared of Dying,” a Dennis Cameron documentary for Rex Video, London, UK;

  • “The Leopard Son,” a Discovery Channel/Hugo van Lawick film, (European production);

  • “Pavlov” (Dutch television, 1997); and

  • Promotional video soundtracks for Erasmus University, and the University of British Columbia.